10 Ways to Do a LinkedIn Pharmaceutical Career Search and Get Results

10 Ways to Do a LinkedIn Pharmaceutical Career Search and Get Results

Are you looking to start or further your career in the pharmaceutical industry? You are sure to find career options on job boards, on a pharmaceutical company’s website, recruitment agencies and through LinkedIn pharmaceutical career search.

Why it's good to use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network where business owners, organizations, employees and professionals meet to establish their profiles and take advantage of the online platform’s many features. It offers plenty of benefits as well.

  • For the employed, unemployed and student, LinkedIn jobs provide a variety of career options in one place. Regardless of the industry you're in, you're sure to find a job on LinkedIn in your preferred location.
  • It has become a useful tool for headhunters and recruiting managers. Social networking sites have become part of recruitment strategies, and as a network of and for professionals, it is only logical for a recruiting team to use LinkedIn to search for the next pharmacist or researcher.
  • Provides records and data essential in your job search strategy. Just run a LinkedIn pharmaceutical career search, and your query will return a list of people, jobs, companies, and groups in the pharmaceutical industry separated by tabs. There is even a list of registered pharmacy and pharmaceutical schools that will be provided.

Why LinkedIn is good for a niche like pharmacy and pharmaceutical careers

Most profiles are listed as a specialty, or classified according to your industry or career. So whenever someone searches for a pharmacist or one with related qualifications, LinkedIn will point you in the right direction with accuracy. You can bet that a search result will be related to the pharmaceutical industry. This effectively narrows down your options, and helps you find prospective employers.

How to use LinkedIn to find a job in the pharmaceutical industry

  1. Create a LinkedIn profile that sells

By sell, it means a profile that catches attention and conveys a message that a potential employer wants to see. Three of the most important things you need to showcase is your headline, name and photo. A good headline must be creative without being too informal or unprofessional, and memorable.

Giacomo Bracci Helsen provides an excellent example with a headline that says “He's a left/right brainer design thinking strategist”, instead of the usual marketing and advertising specialist.

  1. Make sure your profile and headline is concise

Your profile should say a lot about you being a job seeker and not just someone being part of the social network. A good headline should send a shout out to recruiters and employers looking for a pharmacist or similar careers.

  1. Add spice and substance to your profile

LinkedIn lets you add videos, blog posts and other tools that can boost your profile. So why stick with the usual way to present your work experience, achievements, and the like?

  1. Follow pharmaceutical companies

What better way to know if your target company is hiring new employees, than to follow them on LinkedIn via their company page? Get the latest update, newsletters and other information that you can use to reach out to hiring managers.

  1. Widen your network

Similar to other social networks, LinkedIn lets you connect with colleagues, friends and other professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, some of which know someone in the business. This is the easiest way to increase your visibility and get first-hand information for any job offers and openings.

  1. Get an introduction

If you and someone in your network has a common connection with your target company or person, ask them to introduce you. This works in the virtual world as well as it does in the real world.

  1. Find and know your hiring manager

Do you have a target company in mind? Using the Advanced People Search feature in LinkedIn, you will be able to identify the hiring manager of the company you wish to work with. Simply type in the company name and the title of the hiring manager.

  1. Find and know your future boss

When you know more about a company, you can create a sales pitch that will conform to its vision, mission or culture. Who doesn't want a candidate that fits?

  1. Use your network to gather data/insider information

If you use a target company’s name in the Advanced Search page, you will know who in your network are connected, one way or another, with the organization. Talk to them and get details.

  1. Be an active participant

Don’t be that job seeker who waits and does nothing after completing their profile. Even if your headline grabs attention, you should find ways to exploit LinkedIn to your advantage.

How to improve your profile and resume

Take into account all the tips listed above, and improve your profile and resume accordingly. Remember to make your headline count, and upload other tools to boost your online visibility.



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