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Long Term Care Group Purchasing Solutions (GPS) Through our long term care group purchasing solutions (GPS), we offer LTC Pharmacies that are involved with patients who have chronic healthcare needs, such as the elderly, people who have physical or mental disabilities, and people who are diagnosed with cancer and other…

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Long Term Care Pharmacy

How to Become a Long Term Care Pharmacy Blog Post

How to Become a Long Term Care Pharmacy   If you work within the pharmacy industry, you've probably come across the term “long term care pharmacy” and have heard that it can be a good business opportunity. But what exactly is a long term care pharmacy, and how can you…

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An Inside Look into the Life of a Long Term Care Pharmacist Blog Post

An Inside Look into the Life of a Long Term Care Pharmacist   Put simply, a long term care pharmacist works for a long term care pharmacy. Their work involves consulting, education, infusion, pharmacy and other related services for a specific patient population. Pharmacists who work in this kind of…

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Republic Pharmaceuticals

Republic Pharmaceuticals Other

Republic Pharmaceuticals is a licensed wholesale distributor in Michigan. We supply a wide variety of FDA approved generics, Over-the-counter (OTC) medication and Diabetic supplies. We are committed to offering our customers competitive prices with outstanding customer service. We do so by leveraging industry contacts, analyzing pricing trends and negotiating with…

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History of Ketamine Blog Post

Ketamine, known as Special K on the streets, has become a surprise weapon in the war against depression. Pharmaceutical companies are racing to develop drugs that improve upon it, or can be paired with it. NeuroRx has made progress with its drug, Cyclurad which, when paired with ketamine, has the potential to…

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340B Hospital Pricing Blog Post

340B Hospital Pricing   The 340B Drug Discount Program is a U.S. Federal Government program that was actually created in 1992 and signed into law in 1993 By President G. W. Bush. This program requires drug makers to provide outpatient drugs to eligible covered entities and health care organizations at…

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Jimmy Neil Interview

Jimmy Neil Interview from LiveOak Bank Blog Post

Jimmy Neil Interview Questions What was your journey like to get where you are? When I was fifteen, my family moved from Dallas, Texas to Haughton, Louisiana and built a mobile home park. I learned a great deal about work ethic for the next few years from my dad, and…

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Pharmacy False Claims Act

Pharmacy False Claims Act Blog Post

Pharmacy False Claims Act Most of the pharmacies, pharmacists, and other organizations involved in Medicaid and Medicare Fraud schemes were taken down and persecuted with the help of whistleblowers, also called “relators” under the law. In the case of pharmacy Medicare fraud, most whistleblowers are former or current employees of…

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Durable Medical Equipment

What Is Durable Medical Equipment (DME)? Blog Post

What Is Durable Medical Equipment (DME)? By 2024, the global market for durable medical equipment (DME) is expected to reach over $240 billion, based on Grand View’s Research report. To pharmacies and related business, this promises more profit and revenue should they decide to invest in such equipment. With the…

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Student Pharmacists Current Job Market

Student Pharmacists Current Job Market Blog Post

Student Pharmacists Current Job Market   Around 20 years ago, the pharmacy industry offered the best opportunity to students: a six-figure income, a respected job title, a rewarding career that allows them to help people, and plenty of jobs waiting for them after they graduate. Today, however, this is NO…

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