• Blair Green Thielemier, PharmD

    10 Breakthroughs from Pharmacy’s First Virtual Conference

    10 Breakthroughs from Pharmacy's First Virtual Conference There’s a shift occurring in the world of pharmacy as the profession is the in process of a rebranding. New ideas are spawning innovations in revenue streams such as preventative and nutritional coaching services. This rebranding is being lead by a grassroots movement…

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  • Jimmy Neil Interview

    Jimmy Neil Interview from LiveOak Bank

    Jimmy Neil Interview Questions What was your journey like to get where you are? When I was fifteen, my family moved from Dallas, Texas to Haughton, Louisiana and built a mobile home park. I learned a great deal about work ethic for the next few years from my dad, and…

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  • Dr. Michael Castagna Interview with Pharmacy Edge Magazine

    Dr. Michael Castagna Interview with Pharmacy Edge Magazine "We had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Michael Castagna, CEO of Mannkind Corporation for July's issue of Pharmacy Edge Magazine, which is our monthly publication for Independent Pharmacies, Pharmacists and Pharmacy Buyers." Watch Dr. Michael Castagna's Interview Below Dr. Michael Castagna is…

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