• PBM Mafia

    Pharmacy Benefits Manager industry is expected to grow

    Pharmacy Benefits Manager industry is expected to grow Looking 5 years forward, the Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBMs) industry is expected to grow. Why is this? The number of new generic medications entering into the market is expected to slow down, due to these blockbuster drugs loosening their patent exclusivity; diminishing…

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  • PBMs Pharmacy Podcast

    Rx vs. PBMs

    Rx vs. PBMs PharmacyPodcast.com speaks with Brian E. Dickerson, with Fisher & Broyles – Pharmacy Business strategists and lawyers fighting for Independent Pharmacies. The FisherBroyles Pharmacy Law team has observed an increase in the Department of Justice and Department of Defense’s coordinated efforts to conduct investigations into alleged violations of the False…

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  • pharmacy benefit managers

    Pharmacy Benefit Managers: Mafia of the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Pharmacy Benefit Managers: The Mafia of the Pharmaceutical Industry   The healthcare costs in the United States have steadily risen over the years. This has made it almost impossible for ordinary people to obtain early and ongoing medical attention, properly manage their health conditions, and stay away from serious illnesses…

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  • PBM Crisis Alert: Medicare Part D Transparency

    The American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance (APPA) is taking a stand against the PBM’s crisis during the Wise Choice Pharmacy Summit scheduled on September 24th, 2016. According to a recent NCPA survey of 640 community pharmacists, DIR fees are wreaking havoc. Two-thirds of pharmacists (67 percent) receive no information about when…

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  • pharmacy benefit manager

    Are Pharmacy Benefit Manager’s to Blame for High Drug Prices?

    Are Pharmacy Benefit Manager's to Blame for High Drug Prices? A pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) is responsible for handling and processing prescription for insurance companies or corporations that pay for drugs and medications. They also act as the middleman between the payer and everyone else in the healthcare system. A…

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