• Specialty Pharmacy Medication

    Unable to fill Specialty Medication?

    Unable to fill Specialty Medication? How many times has a patient presented to you with a prescription for a “specialty medication" that you were unable to fill? It could be that you are not able to order the medication from your wholesaler. Or worse, the patient’s insurance is mandating a…

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  • CSI Logo

    Specialty Pharmacy’s Leading Strategist

    CSI Specialty Group CSI Specialty Group is a globally recognized, WBE Certified Leadership Consulting Firm dedicated to providing solutions that continually elevate their clients within the specialty pharmacy industry. Their specialty pharmacy areas of expertise include: Consulting Strategy Talent Acquisition Manufacturer Services Workforce Planning Buildout They have extensive expertise helping…

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  • Specialty Medication Cost

    Specialty Medication Cost on the Rise

    Specialty Medication Cost on the Rise A specialty drug is defined as a high-cost prescription medication, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that it costs consumers a lot of money, as it is expensive to begin with. But what is going on today is that specialty medication cost are…

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  • Knowing More about Specialty Pharmacy

    Knowing More about Specialty Pharmacy   If you work in the pharmacy industry, you most likely have heard about the term “specialty pharmacy”. But what is it really all about? And why would you want to work in this sector? The answers to these questions are discussed below:   Specialty…

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  • How To Become A Specialty Pharmacy

    How to become a specialty pharmacy Experts believe that a pharmacy that is not positioning itself for a specialty pharmacy business is at a high risk for failure. Although getting into this type of venture would mean more individualized and targeted patient care, it doesn't narrow down your market or…

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  • What You Need to Know About Specialty Pharmacy

    What You Need to Know About Specialty Pharmacy   Since its inception, the health care reform has spurred the rise of specialty drugs, with an ascendancy rate that is projected to account for nearly 50% of all pharmaceutical spending until 2016. This growth means a con-current growth in opportunities for…

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