Part of APPA’s objective is to unite hospital pharmacy buyers, independent pharmacy owners, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and group purchasing organizations to develop strategies that will help improve the industry that you work in. This is only made possible through various events tailored to the needs of different organizations, businesses and members of APPA. It is our belief that when all concerned parties are brought together under one roof, a common goal will be achieved.

Events are organized to discuss pertinent issues, such as

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Performance efficiency
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Physician issues
  • Workforce and
  • Best buyer practices


Events may vary depending on the needs of the members or the association, the resources available, and the schedules of the concerned parties. These events range from trade shows and conferences and they may be held through web conferences, on-demand web conferences, training, workshops, or national meetings.

As an APPA member, you have the option to join various events, especially when these will prove useful and helpful to your goals. Information about any events will be sent to you through e-newsletters. So keep a lookout for those invitations and take advantage of the continuing education, skills, and tools that APPA events have to offer.