Streamline your purchasing process

SourcedRx streamlines your purchasing process!

Effortlessly negotiate and place orders with multiple distributors through one easy-to-use interface. Welcome to the new standard in pharmaceutical purchasing.

One goal in mind — helping our customers succeed.

SourcedRx is turning the same old routine on it’s head. We believe technology can play a huge factor in improving our lives, making it less stressful and more efficient.

We started SourcedRx to make pharmacy operations more efficient. Throughout our research and from conversations we had with pharmacy owners (thank you!), we understood that the problem lays deeper than we originally thought.

Independent pharmacies are struggling to stay afloat under so much government regulations, low margins, negative reimbursements, increased competition with chains taking a greater market share, and most importantly — the inefficiencies brought on by multiple suppliers. Every supplier has a different process, some have minimum order amounts, some have unique delivery terms, every distributor is calling and visiting pharmacies at peak times. Independent pharmacies only have so many resources to handle all of the workload. That’s where we come in.

SourcedRx has developed a platform that allows pharmacies and distributors to connect when the pharmacy is “in-market” for a certain product or group of products. We believe in the principles of economics — supply and demand. When a distributor calls or visits a pharmacy and the pharmacy does not have a demand for their goods, the distributor does not sell, resulting in wasted time and effort by not reaching pharmacies who are actually in demand of the supplier’s goods and services.

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