• Top 5 Reasons to Join a Pharmacy Association

    Top 5 Reasons to Join a Pharmacy Association Whether you work as a pharmacy buyer or run a pharmacy, you should invest time and energy into learning more about the trade and staying updated on the latest news and events. And the perfect solution is to join a pharmacy association,…

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  • The Top 5 Telehealth Companies You Should Know About

    The Top 5 Telehealth Companies You Should Know About   Telehealth has become an important medical tool in these modern times, especially for people who have hectic schedules and can't exactly visit their doctor at a moment's notice. With telehealth, busy workers can easily speak with doctors and other medical…

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  • Role of the Pharmacy Buyer

    Role of the Pharmacy Buyer Being a pharmacy buyer may seem like a simple task, especially to those who are unfamiliar with the industry. How can it be different from regular shopping, right? Don't you just need a shopping list or a doctor's prescription to get the drugs that you…

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  • Telehealth Technologies

    Telehealth Technologies          The present & impending future access points for healthcare are in retail settings, the modern pharmacy conglomerates, most with retail at the heart of their business models are in the best position to leverage telehealth technologies, to not only tie overall population health with their brands, that…

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  • Pharmacy Franchise Opportunities

    Pharmacy Franchise Opportunities Opportunities come to you when you vouch for it. Simply sitting at home and looking for a spoon to be fed will not bring you any luck. Entrepreneurship opportunities are plenty here in US. These opportunities concentrate mostly on the pharmacy domain. Pharmacy franchise opportunities bring you…

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  • Pharmacy Franchise

    Pharmacy Franchise Entrepreneurship is helping the world grow at a much faster rate than usual. Many numbers of people are joining this domain to excel themselves and boost the economy of the world. It can be fascinating to know that in the US there are opportunities to venture into a…

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  • Top 4 Pharmacy Franchises

    Top 4 Pharmacy Franchises In the US, there are lot of pharmacy franchise options. These franchises will give you an open platform to explore yourself and attach the entrepreneur tag beside your name. I am sure; it would be something like, “wow! Owning my own business would be the best…

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  • Pharmacy Purchasing Best Buying Practices

    Pharmacy Purchasing Best Buying Practices The best way to purchase medicines online is to opt for a pharmacy accredited by NABP VIPPS. VIPPS stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site program. These sites help in reducing the risk of fake pharmacy sites which usually fail to regulate the state law…

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  • 340B Drug Pricing Program Oversight

    340B Drug Pricing Program Oversight 340B is a program that provides drugs and other health care facilities at discount prices to certain hospitals from the drug manufacturers. The independent physicians are not entertained by federal law into this program. Only the registered firms can do the same. When the Medicare…

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  • Why Join a Pharmacy Purchasing Association?

    Why Join a Pharmacy Purchasing Association? Pharmacy Purchasing – Responsibilities Pharmacy is one of the inimitable professions with many accountability's. Not many jobs have numerous responsibilities that incorporate such a massive collection of areas. Pharmacy has many liabilities like taking care of inventory administration effectively, temperature observing, HD compounding, handling…

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