• Puerto Rico Pharmaceutical Market Growing

    According to BMI Research Company, the pharmaceutical and health care industry of Puerto Rico will have a modest positive growth over the next five years. The next few years will see an increase in funding through the Medicaid Program. Key changes in health care policy will also have a significant…

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  • DUR Veterans Administration

    Are You Aware of How a DUR Works for the Veterans Administration Pharmacy?

    By now, you probably already know what drug utilization reviews (or DURs) are and how they're used in pharmacies across the country. The question now is: do they work for the Veterans Administration Pharmacy? The answer, delightfully, is “Yes”. VA pharmacies use DURs to provide the best possible care to…

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  • Biosimilar drugs

    Biosimilars: What Do They Mean for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

    For many people, biotechnology is interesting at best and boring at worst, but it's actually changing the landscape of the pharmaceutical industry. One of the ways it does this is through biosimilars, a type of biological pharmaceutical product that are similar to another biological product that's already approved by the…

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  • How Important Is It for a Pharmacist to Follow a DUR?

    Drug utilization reviews or DURs have been implemented in all states, and pharmacies are obligated to perform these reviews when filling prescriptions for patients. Doing so might seem like an additional burden to some; after all, pharmacists already have numerous tasks to tackle, such as monitoring the pharmacy's inventory, supervising…

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  • What Is the Pharmacist’s Responsibility Regarding a Prescription Exceeding the Recommended Daily Dosage?

    Pharmacists have many responsibilities, and one of these is to give patients the right medications at the right dosage. This way, they can prevent overdoses and keep patients in good health. They can also minimize drug dependency and abuse, particularly if patients are prescribed opioid painkillers, which can be addictive…

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  • What Is the Purpose of a Drug Utilization Review?

    If you work in the healthcare industry, you've probably heard of a “drug utilization review” or DUR. But what exactly is this review? And how can it help pharmacists, physicians, patients, and the healthcare system as a whole? Drug Utilization Reviews, which are also called Drug Utilization Evaluations or Medication…

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  • Reverse Distributor

    Pharmacists, Here Are 10 Ways To Maximize Your Expired Return Credits

    Pharmacists, Here Are 10 Ways To Maximize Your Expired Return Credits…   Every day at United Rx Solutions, we see many Non-Returnable items that could have been Returnable for credit with just a little due diligence. Here are some simple ways you can save your facility thousands of dollars per…

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  • Biosimilar Drugs : 10 Things You Need to Know About Them

    Are you planning to invest in pharmaceutical products? You’ll find a great opportunity with biosimilar, one of the two types of biological products on the market. The Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act (BPCI Act) provided an abbreviated licensure pathway for biological products to be demonstrated as biosimilar or highly…

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  • Concerns and Opportunities in Biosimilar Drugs

    There are growing opportunities in biosimilar drugs today, especially because patents for biologic agents that first came out of the market in the 1980s are beginning to expire. This opens doors for agents of non-proprietary versions of biologics to enter the market. Along with these opportunities, however, are concerns related…

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  • Biosimilars versus Generics: Understanding the Difference

    Medicines these days come from a variety of sources. Some are developed using natural substances, such as plant extracts, while others are produced in a laboratory using a mixture of different chemicals. Some of the most important medications, however, are biological. That is, they are made from living organisms. These…

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