APPA development is possible through the help of its sponsors. Members would like to thank APPA sponsors for their continuous support. No event or pharmacy program would have been possible without the tireless contribution of our many sponsors.

Our sponsors are also behind some of the most important continuing education programs, training and trade events. Sponsors forge the industry and are responsible for the many changes in policies, standards and information. Without sponsors, the pharmaceutical purchasing industry will never be able to develop to what it is today.

The pharmacy purchasing industry has been an under-appreciated industry for a long period of time. Despite playing a vital role in the healthcare industry, it was never seen as a huge value in the provision of efficient service and policies. But all these will be completely changed with your assistance. Join our sponsors and sign up. Become a sponsor and let’s change the pharmaceutical purchasing industry together.

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The APPA is proud to be part of change in the pharmaceutical purchasing industry. The APPA is supported by the following sponsors:

Gold Sponsors

  • SuiteRx
  • SureCost
  • Republic Pharmaceuticals
  • Avella

Silver Sponsors

  • FisherBroyles
  • Infinitrak
  • GRX Marketing

Bronze Sponsors

  • Advocate
  • RepeatRewards
  • Sterre Health
  • Numed Pharma
  • Shepard Medical
  • Profit Hunters
  • The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits
  • Specialty Pharmacy Times
  • American Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Scripps Safe, Inc.
  • Asher
  • Timer Cap
  • CompleteRx
  • Cipher Pharmaceuticals
  • Live Oak Bank
  • Top RX
  • ICA Health
  • Flavorx
  • PharmacyDirectors
  • CSI Marketing
  • Med Career News
  • LifeMD
  • Pharmacy Podcast
  • Rx Career Center
  • Pharmacy Choice

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