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This online Terms of Service agreement is made between the Americans Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance (APPA) and the user (you), with regards to the use of the APPA website and associated applications. This agreement covers all content accessible through APPA website, including services, webpages and applications. The same thing is true for content that is accessible through internet-related media and email from the APPA. APPA reserves the right to modify disclaimers, terms and conditions of access without advance notice. All modifications and updated version of the agreement will be effective 24 hours after posting.

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Policy regarding the use of APPA materials

APPA intends that all publications to be used exclusively by its members and member organizations. By virtue of their membership, they can access the APPA website to use its tools, subscribe to email alerts, and to download reports.

Sharing of published material is only allowed internally. Members can make unlimited copies of all printed materials from the website for internal use. Sharing of published material can be done in whole or in part to employees or vendors, provided they are members or affiliate members of APPA.

Sharing of published material externally should only be done with express permission from the organization.

Intellectual Property

The American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance logo, text and images contained on this website are the property of APPA and are protected by the United States trademark and copyright law. All rights are reserved. Any unauthorized use of materials on this site is a violation of applicable laws. Materials on this website may not be modified, reproduced or displayed for public or commercial purpose without specific written permission from APPA.

Comment policy for APPA

With a mission to serve as a unified voice of all the members and member organization, registered users are allowed to post comments on the APPA forum, under their registered name.

APPA encourages thoughtful and polite comments about a range of views across the pharmacy purchasing & health care industry. However, we discourage repeated comment from the same registered user. All comments that are offensive, inappropriate, identical, inaccurate, and personally targeted to other members will be removed.

Members are encouraged to send us an email if they spot an error or would like to make a suggestion.

Access and Confidentiality

This agreement applies to users of the publicly accessible portions and password-protected pages of the APPA website. Only members that are given username and password by APPA may access the password-protected pages of the website. Disclosure of materials from such pages are only allowed to members and employees of APPA member organizations. APPA will continue to own and to protect the confidential nature any information contained on a password-protected page.

Acceptable Use

You are solely responsible for any and all acts and omissions during your use of the APPA website. You agree to all the terms of service and to not engage in unacceptable use of the website, such as disseminate or transmit spam, disseminate or transmit virus, unsolicited messages, or chain letters. You agree not to use materials on this website to create a false identity or attempt to mislead any person or company.


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Disclaimer and Other Legal Information

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