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Brandon Welch

As President of APPA, I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to build on a phenomenal foundation we have here at the American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance. We have built up a strong alliance over the years and my vision is to continue to push it forward. Not only has our membership grown exponentially since our initiation in 2014, but we have also expanded our relationships with key stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry. This has all resulted into a stronger presence in our industry and more value to our members.

Nicholas Micciche
Vice President

Nicholas has worked in the field of pharmacy for the past 11 years and has experience in the retail, medication therapy management (MTM), specialty and compounding fields of pharmacy. Mr. Nicholas Micciche hopes to contribute to the sustainability of personalized medicine via custom pharmaceutical compounding.


Philip Woods
Chief Commercial Officer 

As Chief Commercial Officer, Philip  analyzes industry activity to develop business plans and create meaningful key performance indicators. He provides revenue and financial support to the executive team, along with managing the sales team and developing talent.


Brian Costa
Executive Administrator

Brian is fluent in both English and Spanish, and he is passionate about clear and effective messaging, and preparing targeted content for our members. He is well-rounded with experience that represents strong analytical skills, office and staff management, event coordination, and sales.

Jayden Ken
Marketing Specialist  

Jayden specializes in logo design, ads, branding, web design, digital marketing and offers the bottom line by crafting  creative solutions for pharmacy owners.


Anissa Lewis

Anissa is the Chief Editor of content for the Pharmacy Edge Magazine. 

Marketing Director

Ricky is a former College Football Athlete from Tennessee, that moved to Florida to pursue a doctorate in pharmacology. He currently works for Publix Pharmacy as an Intern, and is seeking to one day start his own clinical care pharmacy.

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