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What Are Pharmaceutical Returns?

9 Mar 2018 7:53 PM | Anonymous

What Are Pharmaceutical Returns?

Any unused or expired drugs should be collected from the public before they are disposed of improperly – thrown in the garbage or poured down the sewers and drains, without any thought of possible consequences. Some medication could contaminate the water source or cause sickness. Accidental ingestion can also mean a trip to the ER or, in worse cases, death.

It’s a different story for pharmaceutical returns as retailers and pharmacies that participate in the medications disposal program will be paid for by the industry. This is why drug retailers should take advantage of pharmaceutical returns services to make money from medication that was not sold and have reached their expiration date.

Pharmaceutical product returns generally cover all prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications in oral dosage form, and natural health products in oral dosage form. Depending on the pharmaceutical returns policy, returns program may also include anti-fungal creams, anti-bacterial creams, inhalers, and patches.

What is usually not collected includes expired samples from doctor offices, pharmaceuticals from farms/hospitals, and sharps, syringes, or needles. There also rules for pharmaceutical stock returns that are still placed in their original bottle, blister packs, loose pills, and the like.

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Returns Services

  • Recover a percentage of drug acquisition spending rather than mark it as a business loss
  • Make money from medications that are unsold, unused, or expired
  • Enjoy quick cash returns, depending on the pharmaceutical returns policy
  • Keep better control of your inventory
  • Take advantage of hassle-free returns programs for pharmacies of all types
  • Eliminate the hassle of drug disposal and destruction if you were to do them yourself

Through pharmaceutical returns, a pharmacy not only makes money from unused and expired medications, but also does their share in ensuring the safety of the public and the environment.

Why Take Advantage of the Rx Returns Services (RxRS)

With over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Rx Return Services  has a thorough understanding of how the reverse distribution process works and its many channels.

The company handles physical processing, financial transaction and disposal of expired fulls, partials, recalls, in-dated pharmaceutical products, etc. Their pharmaceutical returns services are also provided to all pharmacy types.

They offer pharmacies three services – traditional returns, quick cash program, and destruction program.

Traditional returns

RxRS connects you to the right parties when processing your return request to ensure that you get the highest possible return for the obsolete products and process your return. All the while, they will receive your expired medication and ensure it will be disposed of properly.

Quick cash program

Qualified customers looking for an expedited refund for pharmaceutical product returns can take advantage of Rx Return Services’ WE PAY PROGRAM” / “QUICK CASH”. Even before returns are processed, a quick payment will be made to the customer. RxRS would still provide a detailed report and receive obsolete products for proper storage and disposal. Refer to them about customer qualification for this particular program.

Destruction program

After pharmaceutical stock returns, RxRS will receive all unusable items and destroy them in an efficient and safe way in a destruction site that is fully compliant to the rules of pharmaceutical returns and disposal.

As one of the leading pharmaceutical returns companies, RxRS offers quality service, hassle-free process, and consistent savings to pharmacies.


Daniel Vizel, Pharm.D | President

Rx Return Services

Sales Office – 727-754-7848

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