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What to look for in a Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributor

9 Mar 2018 8:35 PM | Anonymous

What to look for in a Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributor

Do you have unsold or expired medications and drugs in your inventory?

You should send them to pharmaceutical reverse distribution companies to make money out of them. Even when you don’t get refunded for the full drug acquisition cost, the payment you receive will be enough to ease the pain and negative effects of a total business loss on your bottom line.

Thanks to a reverse distributor for pharmaceutical products, unsold and expired drugs are not a total loss. Not all pharmaceutical returns services are created equal since some companies may offer more by the way of cash refunds than others.

Some pharmaceutical reverse distribution processes are also easier and more convenient than others, thus, the need to find the right pharmaceutical returns companies. With all the service providers available today, the task can be daunting choosing the best one.

But why not look for a pharmaceutical returns provider that offers quality services and cost savings? There are several factors that differentiate good pharmaceutical reverse distributors from the not.

Factors That Make a Reliable Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributor

·      Efficient and straightforward services

With all the confusing terms and processes in the pharmaceutical industry, the last thing you want is to try to navigate through a maze of pharmaceutical returns services. There should be at least one simple and straightforward process in the pharmacy business, right?

There is if you can find a reverse distributor for pharmaceutical products with your convenience and benefits in mind.

Rx Return Services (RxRS), for example, keeps their services to just 3 – traditional pharmaceutical returns, quick cash program, and destruction program. The second option is the most convenient if you qualify for the program. Your refund will be expedited even before the obsolete products you returned are processed.

·      Consistent savings 

Look for a pharmaceutical reverse distributor with a high success rate of recovering the maximum amount of cash credit for pharmacies and drug retailers. The goal is to make money from products or processes that would have cost you nothing if not for the pharmaceutical returns industry. This is why a guarantee of consistent savings is crucial when choosing a pharmaceutical product returns company.

·      Hassle-free process

How does the returns process work? The answer should be easy, involves only a few steps, and quick to complete. For instance, a reverse distributor will receive and scan obsolete products to identify their return eligibility all in the first point of contact.

Your best choice is a company that has built valuable partnerships in the pharmaceutical returns industry, enabling them to achieve fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality of service and regulatory compliance.

·      Fully compliant quality service

Look for a pharmaceutical reverse distributor that is DFEA licensed, fully compliant with regulatory requirements, and has a DFEA compliant and approved facility for processing and disposal of controlled substances and other obsolete pharmaceutical products.

You should also check if the staff who will receive, process, and dispose of pharmaceutical returns are honest, professional, and reliable as these indicate quality pharmaceutical returns services.

·      Technological tools and capabilities

The best reverse distributor will find ways to expedite the pharmaceutical reverse distribution process by leveraging technological and digital advancement. By using drug pricing analytics, database tools, logistics and transportation platforms makes the return process quicker and keeps the costs low.


Daniel Vizel, Pharm.D | President

Rx Return Services

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