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List of Job Opportunities for Pharmacy Professionals

20 Mar 2018 8:24 AM | Anonymous

List of Job Opportunities for Pharmacy Professionals

Most people believe that pharmacists only work behind the counter of a pharmacy. Little do they know, being a pharmacist is just one of the many job opportunities for pharmacy professionals. Depending on where they work, they can take on a wide range of roles.


The primary role of a pharmacist is to dispense medications, give advice on drugs, especially with regard to the side effects, interactions and other relevant information. This is why they need to learn more than just the medications. They also need to learn to engage with patients and clients. They're also responsible for storing, formulating and providing correct dosage of medicines.

Pharmacist work in several different settings, such as retail, clinics, home health care facilities, home infusion facilities, armed services, public health service, internet companies, and other settings. These provide plenty of job opportunities for pharmacy professionals.

Community Pharmacists

Community pharmacists serve patients and clients within the community, providing them with information and advice, health medication and other associated services. The job description is basically the same as a regular pharmacist, except for their place of business. Some community pharmacists also specialize in the science and clinical use of medications.

Business Owner

A lot of community pharmacists combine their professional talents and use it to build their own pharmacy. Some of them may start with a management position within a chain pharmacy practice and then move on to become owners, one of the job opportunities for pharmacy professionals that earn more. To succeed as a business owner, pharmacists must take advantage of management development programs offered by chain companies. These include marketing operations, third-party programs, pharmacy affairs, legal affairs and computerization.

Managed Care Pharmacist

Managed care organizations offer job opportunities for pharmacy professionals. The setting is designed to optimize patient care and outcomes, and pharmaceutical care helps improve access to primary and preventive care in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner. As managed care continues to grow and assumes a larger role in the healthcare system, job opportunities for pharmacy professionals also continue to grow.

Managed care pharmacists usually work directly with physicians and caregivers that give medical treatments, such as drug therapy. The task involves reviewing medical literature regularly and identifying the safest and most effective medications. The work also includes creating care management programs.

Pharmacy Purchaser / Pharmacy Procurement Officer

Job opportunities for pharmacy professionals don't stop and start behind the counter. They can be purchasers and buyers as well. Pharmacy procurement facilitates purchasing of medicines that meet safety and health standards at a cost-effective price. The job begins with a draft of purchase order, ensure that the order meets the allocated budget; reviews purchase orders, and provide necessary documentation. Pharmacy procurement also involves keeping accurate records of all the medicine in possession and other tasks related to inventory. In whatever they do, pharmacy purchaser must abide by the rules and regulations in place and ensure quality services.

Academy Pharmacy

Colleges and schools of pharmacy also offer job opportunities for pharmacy professionals. In this setting, they work as full-time faculty members, teaching, researching and providing pointers on public service and patient care. To become an academic pharmacist or a member of a college or university faculty, an aspiring pharmacist is usually required to have postgraduate degree and training. If they meet a school’s requirements, they can choose from a wide range of job opportunities for pharmacy professionals in an academic setting.

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