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We now offer Specialty accreditation assistance for APPA members.

20 Jun 2018 6:28 PM | Anonymous

American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance (APPA) now offers Specialty accreditation assistance for its members.

Members of APPA can now apply for and obtain special accreditation.

With the continued boom of the specialty drug market, independent pharmacies now have an option to enter the space and enjoy several advantages. After all, where revenue is concerned, specialty is the future of the pharmacy industry. 

The specialty accreditation that APPA offers to its members will help distinguish a true specialty pharmacy from those which are not, and clear a widespread confusion that has been created between the two over the years.

It will also increase consumer confidence, considering that a member pharmacy must obtain one or more accreditation certifications before they can be accredited as a specialty pharmacy.

Currently, there are three most commonly seen specialty pharmacy accreditation programs which are from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC;, the Community Health Accreditation Program (, and the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (

With the addition of APPA’s specialty accreditation, members need not go to other organizations to get accredited.

Benefits of Specialty Accreditation

Improve service quality and standards

Specialty drug accreditations are based on standards for quality coordinated care, management strategies, and proper utilization of services that translate to better patient and consumer care and handling, something that people want and expect from pharmacies.

On the other end of the spectrum, specialty accreditation helps pharmacies improve the products they sell and the services they offer.

For contractors or those providing specialty pharmacy services, there also accreditation standards specific to them.

Increase accountability

APPA will hold its accredited members accountable on many levels to ensure they meet the standards set.

As the industry evolves and new policies and procedures are implemented, the accreditation will force member pharmacies to review their own policies and procedures and implement the new ones.

Improve operations

The accreditation will provide a pharmacy or an organization a guide to improve its operations, helping them become a leader in specific products or services that they provide. This spells good news for patients and consumers.  

Ensure recognition

Getting a specialty accreditation from APPA will get members recognized by key decision makers that will prove advantageous should they want to push a request for proposals with the desire to have access to limited-distribution products.

Specialty pharmacy accreditation will also increase the chances of APPA members to become part of managed care health plans that mandate specialty pharmacies to have the appropriate accreditation.

For more information about the APPA specialty accreditation, go to  


Services Offered

URAC - accreditation guidance including policy and procedure development, document procurement and training specific to your pharmacy operations.

ACHC - accreditation guidance including policy and procedure development, document procurement and training specific to your pharmacy operations.


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