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Rxeed Launches Revolutionary Platform for Independent Pharmacies

26 Jul 2018 7:55 PM | Anonymous

Rxeed Launches Revolutionary Platform for Independent Pharmacies 

(Muster, IN) is a new web-based prescription marketplace, that connects consumers with their neighborhood retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies and others. In addition, it connects pharmacy owners with top wholesalers, allowing the owner to search inventories of available prescriptions. Finally, it creates a platform for pharmacy owners to reach out to other independent pharmacies and purchase prescriptions for shortage or back-order issues. This type of platform is the first of its kind, to bring together consumers, independent pharmacies and wholesalers in one place.

The website was created by Omar Hassad, pharmacist and local owner of Tinley Park Apothecary in Tinley Park, IL. He developed it after experiencing frustration with negative reimbursement from insurance companies, spending thousands of dollars trying to find new customers, and several hours dedicated to finding the cheapest prices for medications. " I firmly believe that Rxeed platform will forever change the way pharmacies will interact with consumers and wholesalers, " stated Founder and CEO Omar Hassad. Consumers now have the power to choose how much they pay for prescriptions by letting local independent pharmacies bid their lowest price for the medication and required services. Once a bid is accepted, the consumer is connected with their local pharmacy, giving the pharmacy owner an opportunity to gain new customers at a minimal cost. Using the “Locate a Medication” feature, a consumer can easily find which local pharmacies have the medication in stock. This convenient feature saves the consumer time spending hours on the phone, and gets the medication needed in their hands quicker. Consumers also have the option to locate compounding pharmacies and receive a comprehensive medical review.

For the independent pharmacy owner, he or she can purchase prescription drugs at a substantial discount, and in small quantities. This can be for drugs in short supply, a specific patient need, or when there is a public health emergency. There is no charge to join, the only fees are a small transaction percentage when prescriptions are bought and sold among pharmacy owners. For additional information on this new platform, go to, or call 1-833-697-9333.

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