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PGx Pharmacogenomics

What is Pharmacogenomics

Pharmacogenomics is the study of your unique genetic makeup and how it influences drug effectiveness in order to personalize a patient’s drug therapy. Currently, medications are prescribed based on a patient’s weight, height, gender, condition, and previous drug history resulting in trial and error.

There are many pathways in our body that metabolize drugs and seemingly small genetic variations can contribute to an adverse drug reaction. These risks can be significantly minimized through Pharmacogenomic testing.

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Risk Factors and Benefits

Many factors contribute to the likelihood of an adverse drug reaction including:

Simultaneous use of multiple drugs Very young or old age
Pregnancy and breast feeding
Hereditary factors

Some of the benefits of Pharmacogenomics are:

Improved standard of care
Decrease in the overall cost of health care
Advanced screening for disease
Accurate methods of determining drug dosages Increased effectiveness of medications

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