Thank you for pre-registering to learn more about our DIR Fee Insurance Protection.   You will receive an email shortly inviting you to one of our upcoming webinars which will explain the details of our program.

So how does it work?

  1. Clinical Risk Management:  our managed patient & prescriber engagement solutions are designed to improve your population health management, meet your quality measures & improve your CMS rating.
  2. Managed Formulary Intelligence:  we’ve used historical & projected DIR Fee data across thousands of pharmacies, health systems & NDC’s to design a custom insurance product that protects the pharmacy.
  3. The APPA Motto: “The Strength of People – The Power of Alliance” – Our combined industry strength enables us to diversify the overall risk.  You must be a member of our GPO to qualify.  Learn more about all the great services included in our membership here:  MEMBERSHIP

What can I expect:

  1. Tight Compliance Requirements:  We are all aware of the heavy costs.  Pharmacies will be required to meet business KPI’s & complete compliance task lists to assist APPA in managing the clinical risks.   Failure to do so will result in decreased DIR Fee Claim reimbursement.
  2. Lots of Help from APPA: We’ve designed our managed solutions to take on the majority of the burden & our purchasing analytics will inform you of insured products.

Whats the bottom line?

  1. Compliant Pharmacies can expect DIR Fee Claim reimbursement up to 2% of Gross Purchase Volume on APPA approved NDCs.  No Cap.
  2. Limited Availability:  based on our current underwriting capabilities, we will only be able to accept  a limited # of pharmacies.  Hundreds of pharmacies have already signed up! By Pre Registering, you will have first opportunity to join during Open Enrollment. 

Thank you for pre-registering!  Open Enrollment will begin Oct 1st 2019 & this submission counts towards that registration process.   We will keep you informed of all the details & look forward to having you join one of our future webinars.

Listen to the Pharmacy Podcast Network episode discussing our new DIR Fee Insurance

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