Insured GPO & Business Management Platform


Concierge Buying Model

We are focused on the true intent of Group Purchasing; aligning our interests with the Pharmacy.  The first precept being unity in a common goal & vision; the second, driving elastic market pricing.  We do so by engaging networks that utilize buy-side analytics, aggregate volumes, predict usage and ensure a safe supply.  We instill contract accountability by dissecting invoices and measuring contract term fulfillment.

DIR Fee Protection

APPA is the first GPO with a proprietary DIR Fee Protection Program that relieves you from costly DIR Fees & Clawbacks. Reconciliation & DIR Fee Claims process automatically for reimbursement.


Managed Formulary Intelligence

Purchase with confidence utilizing our Purchase Analytics Integration OR take advantage of our complementary subscription to SureCost, included in your membership.   Maximize net profits, not just cost savings.  

Business Management Platform   

Every member receives access to our Operational Enhancement/KPI Platform, which provides daily insights on successfully managing YOUR pharmacy.  View Peer-to-Peer Competitive Performance Reporting to help you identify & quickly correct deficiencies.  We analyze your pharmacy data & create simple task lists to improve category performance, create cost savings & drive profitability. 


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