Insured GPO & Business Management Platform


Concierge Buying Model

We are focused on the true intent of Group Purchasing; aligning our interests with the Pharmacy.  The first precept being unity in a common goal & vision; the second, driving elastic market pricing.  We do so by engaging networks that utilize buy-side analytics, aggregate volumes, predict usage and ensure a safe supply.  We instill contract accountability by dissecting invoices and measuring contract term fulfillment.

DIR Fee Insurance

APPA is the first fully-insured GPO with our proprietary DIR Fee Protection Insurance & relieving you from costly DIR Fees & Clawbacks. File your DIR losses for reimbursement.


Managed Formulary Intelligence

Purchase with confidence utilizing our Purchase Analytics Integration OR take advantage of our no-cost subscription to SureCost, included in your membership. 

Business Management Platform   

Every member receives access to our Operational Enhancement/KPI Platform, which provides daily insights on successfully managing YOUR pharmacy.  View Peer-to-Peer Competitive Performance Reporting to help you identify & quickly correct deficiencies.  We analyze your pharmacy data & create simple task lists to improve category performance, create cost savings & drive profitability. 


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