Just like that, 2019 is coming to a close and what a year it has been for healthcare and especially for pharmaceuticals. This year, the industry has taken center stage, as governments, businesses and individuals are now recognizing the important role of good quality medications in maintaining an excellent healthcare system.

The use and cost of different drugs have also been a hot topic in debates and headlines for 2019.

From specialty medications to the use of technology to speed up the development of drugs, this year was all about innovation and breakthroughs for the pharmaceuticals industry.

The top pharmacy trends for 2020 and the year that was

 The end of 2019 is just right around the corner and people are already looking forward to what the top pharmacy trends for 2020 are. But before we look into what the coming year has to offer, let’s do a recap of some of the biggest pharmacy trends and advancements for 2019:

    • Artificial intelligence

The introduction of artificial intelligence into the development of new drugs has been one of the hottest pharmacy trends for 2019. Taking the lead in this area is IBM Watson, a computer that could interpret millions of pages of scientific literature and data that will help researchers and pharmaceutical companies speed up the development of new medications.

Artificial intelligence is set to be used in more areas of drug development and will be part of the top pharmacy trends for 2020.

    • Mobile health apps

Data gathering has always been one of the most challenging areas of clinical research. But this year, more pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of mobile health technology to gather relevant data for clinical studies that will help in the development of new drugs.

These apps are considered to provide accurate information on a patient’s health status, which is why they’ve been used to study diseases like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, breast cancer, asthma and cardiovascular disease.

    • Gene-specific drugs

 Precision medication is one of the most significant pharmacy trends for 2019 because it targets specific genes based on the patient’s health condition.

Genetic information is gathered through genome sequencing where researchers are able to identify specific abnormalities and come up with drugs and therapies targeted towards them.

This trend, which will also be part of the top pharmacy trends for 2020 helps increase the efficiency of drugs to help patients get better outcomes for their treatment.

    • Printable medication

This year, the drug Spritam made history as the first 3D-printed drug to be approved by the FDA. Manufactured by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, the drug is created through a 3D printing process that allows the pill to be porous enough to be dissolved quickly while delivering the dosage required for the patient.

One of the most talked about pharmacy trends this year, printable medication is expected to pave the way for the future of drug development and lower the cost for manufacturing drugs.

These breakthroughs have created a better landscape for the pharmaceuticals industry. And the best part is, more advancements are coming as we welcome another year. Here are some of the top pharmacy trends for 2020?

    • Specialty medication

Specialty products and services were considered the most profitable among all the pharmacy trends for this year, and 2020 will see a bigger market for these medications as they become part of the top pharmacy trends for 2020.

Specialty drugs are developed mostly for chronic and degenerative diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and multiple sclerosis.

They are so rare and highly in-demand because of the complexity and cost of creating them. But they are also very important in helping treat the symptoms of chronic diseases so patients can enjoy better quality of life.

One of the top pharmacy trends for 2020 is the growing spending for these specialty medications where system pharmacies will procure them so they can be made available to patients and health plans will reimburse these pharmacies after.

    • 340B drug discount program

The 340B drug discount program has been part of the pharmacy trends for many years, and the ongoing discussion for its improvement is not expected to die down in 2020. In fact, the coming year will see more focus on the program’s path for pharmacies: compliance and performance.

As a pharmacy, it’s very important to monitor the efficiency of your existing 340B program to know how to make the most of helping patients and your health system. You also need to stay on top of new rules, enforcements and audits so you can easily adjust your program for compliance.

    • Over the counter medications

According to research, the average American household spends about $338 on over the counter products every year. With the growing cost of hospital treatments and health insurance plans, more Americans are turning to self-medication as a way to treat minor health issues.

Over the counter medications are easily accessible and don’t require a prescription, which helps in cutting down time and cost for treatment.

Their popularity will continue to grow as part of the top pharmacy trends for 2020, so it’s very important for pharmacies to ensure that staff members are well trained to guide consumers in buying the best over the counter medications. They should be able to offer the best options for their customers so they don’t need to see a physician.

    • Next-door healthcare

The world has never been more fast-paced than it is today, especially with the advent of mobile apps and other technological advancements. This also means that consumers are now expecting on-demand care, especially with the procurement of medications.

Next-door healthcare will be one of the top pharmacy trends for 2020 where pharmaceutical services will be made more easily accessible to consumers.

Pharmacies need to find ways to not only extend their hours of service but also offer ways for patients to easily fill their prescriptions and comply with their medications after they leave the pharmacy. Some pharmacies will even start to offer deliveries for patients who have difficulty going to the establishment to buy their medications.

    • Virtual healthcare

With more people relying heavily on technology, virtual healthcare is expected to be one of the most significant pharmacy trends for next year. The pharmaceuticals industry will see an increased use of e-commerce and mobile channels for marketing, and the competition will definitely be stiff.

But virtual healthcare also transcends to other services like apps, online prescription forms, patient portals and even delivery services that will be the future of procuring medications.

With its significance in shaping the landscape of pharmaceuticals, virtual will healthcare will not only be part of the top pharmacy trends for 2020 but also in the coming years.

    • Data tracking and management

All health system pharmacies will surely agree that data tracking and management can be one of the hardest tasks in the business—but it is also one of the most important. As an integral part of the healthcare system, pharmacies should be able to use their data wisely to make smarter decisions for patients.

The first step to a more efficient data management system is to make data more accessible. One of the top pharmacy trends for 2020 will be the use of a single platform to integrate all health IT systems.

This will help pharmacies cut down on costs for managing different information systems and increase efficiency in pulling out data to use for research and in creating better treatment plans for patients.

Integrated IT systems will also help pharmacies save time in performing day-to-day activities, as they help in optimizing inventories, generating more accurate reports and managing customer loyalty programs.

    • Drug approvals

The development of new drugs has always been a long and sometimes tedious process for pharmaceutical companies, especially with the FDA being at odds with them. But this time, the FDA under Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD promises that the agency’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research will be supportive of the industry throughout the process of developing new drugs.

Considered to be one of the top pharmacy trends for 2020, the onslaught of drug approvals started as one of the pharmacy trends for 2018 where drugs like Patisiran for treating polyneuropathy in hereditary transthyretin-mediated amyloidosis and Migalastat for treating Fabry disease have been approved.

This year, drugs like Selinexor and Quizartinib have also been approved. At the beginning of 2020, Mirvetuximab soravtansine for ovarian cancer and Pegilodecakin for pancreatic cancer are set to be approved by the FDA.

    • Health care megamergers

2019 has been the year of the healthcare megamergers. From Aetna and CVS Health to Prime Therapeutics and Walgreens with AllianceRx, these megamergers have been one of the top pharmacy trends for this year and their impact will surely be felt throughout 2020.

According to the CEO of CVS Larry Merlo, the primary goal of their merger was to lower down the coast of medication to increase adherence, offer better services in stores and build the pharmacy’s member base. Other big names in the industry are expected to follow suit, which will surely make healthcare megamergers one of the top pharmacy trends for 2020.

    • Public policy

There has been a longstanding discussion on the transparency of healthcare costs for patients and payers. In fact, things heated up this year as more pressure is placed into making the cost of healthcare services more transparent to the public, especially the real prices of drugs.

More health plans are expected to become more critical in reimbursing medications, especially for specialty drugs that are limited in supply and are more expensive than regular drugs.

Manufacturers should also notify healthcare providers about shortages or plans of discontinuing drugs because many of these specialty drugs are life saving. This means that any disruption to the supply chain could put many lives at risk.

    • Biosimilar

The biosimilar market has not only been a part of top pharmacy trends for many years, but it has also been controversial topic in the industry. In its essence, biosimilar is a medical product that’s almost an identical copy of the original but manufactured by a different company.

The biosimilar market in America has been behind from other markets due to approval restrictions. But 2020 will see more of these biosimilars making their way into the market, thanks to the FDA’s commitment to increasing the competition, especially for specialty pharmacies.

While the use of biosimilar medication has been subject to some scrutiny due to misconceptions about the efficacy of generics, it will be one of the top pharmacy trends for 2020 because of how the FDA is working on raising the bar for makers of biosimilar products. The coming years will also see more money being invested in the biosimilar market, especially with the increasing rate of approvals for drugs from the FDA.

2019 felt like a “déjà vu” moment for the pharmaceuticals industry with both new and longstanding discussions brought to the table. The cost and use of different medications has taken center stage as well as the introduction of methods that will help speed up drug development.

As a pharmacy, it’s very important to remember a few things as you look into the top pharmacy trends for 2020 and create your game plan for the year ahead. For one, consumers are now smarter than ever. They will be more critical of everything including the price of medications because it will affect their compliance to treatment and the outcome of their health condition.

Pharmacists will also play a bigger role as part of the healthcare team and better distribution models will be implemented to increase the efficiency of delivering medications, especially for patients with chronic and debilitating diseases.

At the end of the day, the evolution of the pharmaceuticals industry will be a huge factor in the overall landscape of the world’s healthcare system. These top pharmacy trends for 2020 are a good way to kickstart another big year for the industry, and we can only look forward to bigger things ahead as we say goodbye to the year that was and welcome the year that is 2020.



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